Why I’m here:

I am a cynical American who still holds out some small shreds of hope that our nation can be brought back from the precipice over which the Loony Lemming brigade would have us mindlessly march. During my  lifetime, said Lemmings have been almost entirely Republican, a few of whom started over the Cliff of Birchism in the late 50’s. When the Reaganistas took power, the few turned into the many, and they have shown no sign of  moderating their lunacy since then.

On the contrary, they’ve gotten to be an order of magnitude worse since the illegitimate and unconstitutional Bush Occupation of the early Oughts. Not that they are the only authoritarian assholes causing trouble around the world, but they are the ones causing the most trouble in my country, so they will be the objects of most of the “get off my lawn”-style screeds you’ll find here.

Stay tuned, and feel free to send comments. Fair warning – I am a cantankerous cuss, and my responses are not guaranteed to be polite, if I bother to reply at all.

The CC


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