Republicans have more blood on their hands: two more coal miners are dead.

Remember the Upper Big Branch mine disaster? Miners died in a mine that was under-regulated and unsafe. Indeed, the mine had been repeatedly fined for multiple violations under such regulations as were in place. The owners bought enough politicians to block new safety regulations, so nothing much changed, and miners remained less safe than they deserved to be.

Early this morning, another accident happened at another West Virginia coal mine, and more people are dead. Again, the mine owners have been repeatedly cited for violations of such safety regulations as do exist, and repeatedly blow off the regulators, because they haven’t the power to make mine owners act like human beings and respect the lives of their employees.

Coal mining is hard, dangerous work. The miners are brave, industrious people who put their lives on the line every time they venture underground. And they make a lot of money for the greedy rat-bastards who exploit them by further endangering their lives by operating mines that are unsafe.

How many miners have died so Patriot Coal owners can live obscenely luxurious lives?

And how many politicians (mostly Republican) have taken bribes from the owners to enable the deaths of these American workers?

The answer to both questions is, “far too many”. Far too many miners are dead, sacrificed upon the alters of corporate profit and political corruption. Again and again, we die so they can enrich themselves, laughing at us the while.

Blood on the hands of the owners. Blood on the hands of the politicos they have purchased. And blood on our hands, if we vote for them again, knowing how many citizens they slaughter.

The CC


One thought on “Republicans have more blood on their hands: two more coal miners are dead.

  1. Cha says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed of this tragedy, CC. That might have been prevented if only some safety regulations were put into place. People over greed in the Profits. Safety first.

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