Cowardly Shrub Hides From 9/11, Goes to Walmart Instead.

Yes, Gee Dubya Bush did not attend the ceremonies at the new 9/11 museum this week. In spite of the fact that thousands of Americans died on his watch during that horrific attack. No, that wasn’t important to “President” Bush.

You cannot make this shit up: he was eating ice cream and getting a phony award trying to sound legit, said award being presented at Walmart Central in Ar-Kansas. That was more important to him than attending the 9/11 museum ceremony, huh?

BENTONVILLE, AR — George W. Bush visited Northwest Arkansas Thursday. According to Walmart reps, he’s in town to receive the Patriot Award from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society and Foundation. It’s the Society’s highest award.

And you wonder why so many people hate his phony, coke-addled guts? Wonder no more. He obviously doesn’t give a single mouse turd for all the Americans he let die while he sat reading “My Pet Goat”. Didn’t care then, doesn’t care now.



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