Everything that is wrong with America: Ohio state Senator Bill Sites.

Ohio’s Renewable Energy credits have created thousands upon thousands of jobs. By investing a tiny amount, we have gotten hundreds of millions of millions of dollars in out-of-state capital invested here. Plus, the air and water are a bit cleaner. So, you might say, this truly bipartisan bill is a good example of how government can enable profit for businesses and people.

You would say that, if you weren’t republican state senator Bill Sites, bought-and-paid-for whore of the fossil-fuel industry. For a pittance in bribes contributions, Mr. Sites is currently wrecking the legislation that has done so much good for the state. Thus he is an exemplar of all that is wrong with contemporary politics: he is lining his pockets while emptying ours.

Think about it: is this not the problem? Those who claim to represent us are actually robbing us blind, invading our privacy, and taking away our rights. Their names are legion, but their actions are the same.

When next you vote, be sure to un-elect any “public servant” who is acting like Bill Sites. Vote for their opponent, who might cheat us, instead of for the lying bastards who are stealing from us already.



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