Not a homeowner? The GOP would take away your right to vote.

These nimrods just keep getting nimroddier: influential Republicans are on record as saying just that. Congresscritter Ted Yoho said it:

“I’ve had some radical ideas about voting and it’s probably not a good time to tell them, but you used to have to be a property owner to vote,” he said to applause.

You know, the way it was back in the days of slavery.

Teabagging Repub Judson Phillips also extolled the virtues of not letting Americans who rent their homes vote:

“If you’re not a property owner, you know, I’m sorry but property owners have a little bit more of a vested interest in the community than non-property owners”:

To be clear: these Repubs want to take away the voting rights of more than a third of all Americans. That’s their idea of freedom, I guess. If you rent, they want to take away your rights.

Frankly, if you rent and vote for the GOP, you are just as stupid as repub women, black republicans, gays who vote republican, Hispanics who give Repubs their votes, and so on. Stupid, stupid people, giving Boehner and Co. the rope they’ll use to hang you with.

Remember who supports your right to vote, when you vote.



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