A Conservative leader admits it: their goal is to destroy our national government.

David Brooks, writing from within his pampered, insular, ignorant little bubble-world, has always been an elitist windbag. And in his recent column, that wind has, amid the stench that always accompanies the breaking of wind, revealed the true agenda of American “conservativism”: the destruction of American democracy and its replacement by a government of the elitist, by the elitist, and for the elitist. Click here and read for yourself.

As is often the case, the stated reasons for the sedition du jour are seemingly benign: to innovate, and create a more nimble and responsive government. But the method reveals the problem: conservatives want to seize power and cram their “solutions” down our collective throats:

The process of change would be unapologetically elitist. Gather small groups of the great and the good together to hammer out bipartisan reforms — on immigration, entitlement reform, a social mobility agenda, etc. — and then rally establishment opinion to browbeat the plans through.

They propose an an autocratic government at the national level, and leaving us to fend for ourselves at the local level:

If the Guardian State’s big advantage is speed at the top, democracy’s is speed at the bottom. So, obviously, the elite commissions should push proposals that magnify that advantage: which push control over poverty programs to local charities; which push educational diversity through charter schools; which introduce more market mechanisms into public provision of, say, health care, to spread power to consumers.

In other words, they take our tax money, line their pockets with it, give us nothing in return, and take away our Constitutional rights into the bargain. AMFYOYO (Adios Motherfuckers, You’re On Your Own) is at the heart of this treasonous plot, which speaks glowingly of places like China: authoritarian regimes that abuse their subjects.  When someone wishes to emulate a country that rips living babies from their unconsenting mothers’  wombs and drives tanks over the bodies of peaceful protestors, that someone is NOT fit to govern so much as a single Porta-Potty, much less our nation.

At least David Brooks was honest (or stupid) enough to let the Right’s true intentions be known. Now that we know what the GOP plans to do, it is time for Americans to reject this dictatorial and unconstitutional future: by sending these traitorous, profiteering scum packing, and electing some pro-constitution representatives to replace them.



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