Sure looks like Troy Balderson is being bribed, doesn’t it ?

Ohio Senate Bill 310 is currently being railroaded through the legislative process by Mr. Balderson and his partner in crime Bill
Seitz. These two crooks are pushing a bill which hurts almost everyone and benefits only the “contributors” who have showered these scumbags and their cronies with thousands upon thousands of dollars in bribes “contributions”. Kinda hard to reach any other conclusion, innit? This bill will:

1) Destroy thousands of jobs,

2) Wipe out millions upon millions of dollars in business investments,

3) Yank away tons of existing tax
revenue, which will raise taxes on the rest of us, and

4) Create a hostile business environment by creating uncertainty.

So, nobody wins, right? Wrong:

1) Troy Balderson got piles of cash from energy businesses. So he wins, the money-grubbing little parasite.

2) The fossil-fuel companies, via their buddies at the utilities, get the right to cancel contracts for their competition in the renewables industry, thus pretty much crippling the entire sector. So Big Oil and King Coal win.

The rest of us lose, big-time. So shall we call it bribery? Shall we say that ol’ Troy Boy sold out the entire state in order to line his pockets?

Oh, Hell YEAH, we’ll say it. When he wins and the rest of the state loses, it’s hard to come to any other conclusion.



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