Will somebody please tell the GOP to shut the hell up?

Back in the 1980’s, Republicans in Ronald Reagan’s administration traded arms to terrorists in Iran for American hostages. Back then, the GOP was all about doing deals with terrorist groups. It was an idiot idea, conceived by GOP idiots, executed by GOP idiots, and defended by GOP idiots.

A few days ago, the Obama administration traded five Taliban terrorists for an American soldier. Just as idiotic a move in the long run as it was when the GOP did it, but now they are shocked, yes, SHOCKED that the President would negotiate with terrorists. And the Republicans are condemning this action with the same vigor they used in defending it back when Saint Ronnie negotiated with terrorists.

“Grimy ass”, said the pot to the kettle. Calling all Repubs: STFU, you’ve got no credibility here: these deals are stupid no matter which party does them. And you did it earlier, bigger, and dirtier.



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