John Kasich uses the Holocaust to distract us from his despicable actions.

At the same time as he dedicated the Holocaust Memorial, John Kasich was:
* Preparing to sign a law that rewarded the bribing bastards of Big Coal and Big Energy and punished everyone else in the state;
* Pushing more legislation that would allow Ohio to help flood coastal states by ignoring federal clean air standards;
* This on top of the thefts he has been orchestrating via his cronies at JobsOhio, union-busting, invading women’s vaginas, and other crimes.

To use the deaths of six million innocent Jews, Romas, gays and Reds as a distracting tactic is beyond revolting. But when we are stupid enough to elect a Wall Street millionaire who made his fortune via the misfortune of others, I guess this is just something we should expect.



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