George Will thinks it is a “privilege” to be raped. Dafuq?

No, really, Dafuq? He says so in this column:

rape makes “victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges”

Got that? Being victimized is to be “coveted”, because it gets you special “privileges”. Wow. Guess I had it all wrong.

Who knew that when those adult males brutally molested me as a child, making me bleed and causing health issues that still persist after half a fucking century, that it was a coveted privilege? And here I thought they were disgusting violent criminal perverts. Wow.

And who knew that when a school counselor suspected what was going on, asked about it, and the bastards then raped my mouth so savagely that I required surgery (cause written down as “running with a Popsicle stick in my mouth”), that I was lucky, nay, blessed with such an exalted status? I thought they were torturing me to shut me up. Silly me.

Why, they were benefactors if you ask Mr.Will. Yes, benign and benevolent men they were, raping little kids so as to help us along in life by giving us access to the privileges that come with being the survivors if violent assault.

Yes, on campus or off, male or female, in Will’s mind we are all of us hot after getting the shit raped out of us, so we can get them thar privilege things. Yupyupyup.

Why, it makes one wonder, why George Fucktard Will doesn’t hurry on out to get himself raped? Sheesh, he’s missing out.



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