Buh-Bye, Mister Weasel: Eric Cantor gets what he deserves.

Eric Cantor, a Virginia Repub and House Majority Leader, got his ass handed to him yesterday. Seems an upstart Teabagger totally spanked his bony old butt in the primary election. And why did he get whupped on so harshly?

Because the Tea Party and other fringe elements of the Republican Party that Cantor and others tried to co-opt and use for their own purposes turned out to be even stranger bedfellows than they seemed. Because the fringie folks never got the memo saying they should just go away between elections. Because when you try to ride a tiger, it will eventually turn around and devour you.

So Cantor’s career is in the belly of the Teabag Tiger, soon to be shat out once fully consumed. And he deserves it for being foolish enough to think he could control such a beast.

Let’s see who shall be gobbled up next. Bets?



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