America did not “leave Iraq too soon”. Iraq threw our soldiers out.

How quickly we forget: with all the Obama-bashers yelling and screeching about the current Iraqi civil war being his fault, it seems time for a wee bit of history: you know, actual facts.

Fact #1: Obama did NOT “pull our troops out too soon”. The Iraqi government that the Bushies set up wouldn’t sign a treaty allowing our troops to stay there. Without that contract, it would have been illegal for our soldiers to remain in country. Obama has no choice but to pull our military forces out.

Fact #2: Iraq is a cluster-fuck right now because their corrupt and sectarian Prime Minister screwed the pooch. Hell, the dumb bastard screwed kennels full of pooches, undoing what thousands of people died to build. Helpful hint to Nouri Al-Maliki: savagely oppressing a heavily-armed and radicalized minority is NOT a good way to build a peaceful society. All it does is piss them off and they start shooting. Again.

Fact #3: None, repeat NONE of this would be happening if the Bushistas hadn’t lied us into invading Iraq in the first place. Blaming Obama for not fixing what the Shrub broke is beyond stupid.

Obama ain’t perfect, and he deserves blame for lots of things. But not today’s Iraq civil war.



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