Turns out, Hobby Lobby doesn’t really give a damn about Jesus after all.

You remember them, right? All full of talk about being a”Christian business” that was being forced to violate its sacred principles by having to cover birth control as part of the employee health plan. That claim has now been revealed to be a big, fat lie.

Hobby Lobby, you see, invests in birth control manufacturers, and has for a long time. That’s right, they are a load of stinking, money-grubbing hypocrites:

While the company has waged a fight against the Affordable Care Act’s coverage of birth control methods it opposes, its own 401k plan had more than $73 million invested in funds with stakes in companies producing intrauterine devices (IUDs) and emergency contraceptive pills, Mother Jones reports.

“This is the height of hypocrisy,” Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, said in a statement to The Associated Press. “Hobby Lobby’s CEO wants to deny the company’s 13,000 employees access to affordable birth control, while investing in pharmaceutical companies that make it.”

So it was never about Jesus, or fetuses, mothers, babies or the bible. The whole thing was about Hobby Lobby padding its profits by cheating its female employees out of health benefits.

So much for the whole “religious employer” concept.



One thought on “Turns out, Hobby Lobby doesn’t really give a damn about Jesus after all.

  1. Bonnie Luhu says:

    More than that, this was a “take that Obama-care” move. It was never about birth control or saving babies or any such garbage. The biggest reason is because if they win this suit, it pretty much puts the ACA in the trash and they can go back to the way things used to be… where only the rich can afford to be sick and the rest of us can go to to hell!

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