Dick Cheney is an “Iraq Expert” like a burglar/arsonist is a “Security Expert”.

Entirely too many “news” outlets are asking for his “expert” opinion on recent developments in Iraq, a country that he burned and robbed. Dafuq? No, I mean really, DaFUQ?

Dickless Cheney was part of the crew of willfully ignorant, plan-challenged idiots and thieves who got nothing right and everything wrong in Iraq and elsewhere. And to a man, these purblind fools think they were right, and would do it again if they could. Indeed, turn on a TV or read a paper, and their fellow numbskulls in the media are promoting exactly that sort of murderous, larcenous idiocy.

There are destructive criminals who see the error of their ways, take their lumps and turn their talents to serve the public good: Frank Abagnale, John Dean, and even Judas Iscariot had changes of heart, and showed it through their subsequent words and actions.

But Cheney and the rest of the Bushistas are not in the least bit repentant or even seem to be aware of their wrongdoing. Perhaps they are aware but are choosing to pretend otherwise in order to profit from yet another war of choice. You may theorize as you wish.

But for the media to play chorus to the liars, fools, murderers and thieves of the Bush “administration” is inexcusable. They are helping them to offend again, these unrehabilitated jackasses. To listen to them is to risk yet another orgy of rape, arson, killing, pillage and plunder for profit.



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