Business is business: time to take action on climate change.

We’re talking business now, people: global climate change is gonna cost billions upon billions of dollars, wipe out real estate, destroy infrastructure and take a big bite out of productivity.
From the article:

The study concludes that within the next 15 years, higher sea levels, storm surges and hurricanes could raise the annual price tag for coastal damage along the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico to $35 billion. Some Midwestern and Southern agricultural areas could see a decline in yields of more than 10% over the next five to 25 years due to increased drought and flooding, unless farmers adapt their crops, according to the study.

Kinda hard to work outside if the temps are too high. Kinda hard to run your business if it’s flooding on a regular basis. Kinda hard to get your goods to market if the roads and rails are submerged or degraded. We’re talking Econ 101 here, peeps.

It’s one thing for politicians to pretend there’s no such thing as climate change: after all, politicians have a different definition of “profit” than do business folks. But the rest of us who live on money and profit literally cannot afford to pretend. Shit’s getting real. Shit’s costing real money.

Hint to the GOP: you can pander to the religious loons and dentally-challenged culture-warriors all you want, but you need money to win elections. The business community knows this: Climate. Change. Is. Real. And they want action. They’ll get it it from the Dems if the Repubs won’t come across.



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