John McCain: a Treasonous Repub who wants to give arms to our enemies.

Yep, the Evil Leprechaun is at it again. Here is an article about his wanting to give guns to ISIS and Al-Quaida, and here is a pic from his own press office of McCain yukking it up with the terrorist bastards:


McCain even wanted to arm them after he found out they were our enemies:

ABC’s Martha Raddatz reminded the senator that some of these Syrian rebels are terrorist who’ve sworn their allegiance to al Qaeda.

McCain said it’s a “legitimate” question, but he wants to support them anyway. After all, he said, “there aren’t that many” terrorists among the Syrian rebels he wants to give “heavy weapons” to.

“Aren’t that many”? Aren’t that many”? Dafuq, Little Johnny? I mean, DaFUQ???

Meanwhile, ISIS is taking over Iraq and Syria, and aren’t likely to stop there. Saudi Arabia is getting nervous, too. John McCain’s terrorist buddies are destabilizing the Middle East, as he smugly lectures the Prexy on how to “handle” the region.

It shouldn’t shock anyone that a man who may have betrayed his nation before would do it again. Nor should it surprise anyone that a Republican would pal around with terrorist motherfuckers:


What IS surprising? Just how many people in DC and the media ignore these traitorous actions, and act like the Senator is worth listening to today.

McCain belongs in Leavenworth, not the Senate. He and his Al-Quaida buds.



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