Eeyores with Pom-Poms, Cheerleaders for Team Apathy. Yes, it’s a Thing.

In response to Monday’s Hobby Lobby decision, many people got angry. Some are channeling that anger into action, but many are slumping in embittered defeat, convinced that nothing can be done to stop the inevitable corporate-fascist world takeover of our formerly free country blahblahblahbittyBLAHblah. Pathetic but at least typical.

But now, we have these gloom and doom aficionados trying to get the rest of us to go along with their defeatist mindset: indeed, they are trying zealously to convert us. Evangelists for hopelessness. Eeyores with Pom-Poms. Cheerleaders for Team Apathy.

One wonders why such people, convinced that nothing is possible regardless of effort, would expend the effort to try and depress the rest of us. I mean, Hell, it seems pretty damned contradictory, doesn’t it? Why bother, if everything is just so fucking hopeless, right?

Two possible reasons offer themselves:
First, “misery loves company”. These miserable louts need others to wallow in the mire to make them feel better about their apathetic lives.
Second, they are actually happy about the Right-Wing Lemming March towards Fascism, and are trying to get the Center-Left to lay down and give up.

In either case, fuck those Pom-Pom-wielding purveyors of gloom and despair. I will fight for our rights and freedoms for as long as I can breathe. Here’s hoping most of us will do the same.



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