Global Climate Change is ALREADY Causing Massive Damage. It is, Therefore, REAL.

All the jackass deniers really, REALLY need to just shut up and accept the facts now. Miami Beach, a multi-billion dollar economic engine and home to many people, is already starting to sink beneath the waves. Oh, and there is a nuclear power plant that will get submerged along with the city. Can you say, “dead people, shoreline and oceans”? I knew you could. Read the above article for a hearty bitch-slap of reality. Here’s just a bit of it:

Thus one of the great cities of the world faces obliteration in the coming decades. “It is over for south Florida. It is as simple as that. Nor is it on its own,” Wanless admits.

“The next two or three feet of sea-level rise that we get will do away with just about every barrier island we have across the planet. Then, when rises get to four-to-six feet, all the world’s great river deltas will disappear and with them the great stretches of agricultural land that surrounds them. People still have their heads in the sand about this but it is coming. Miami is just the start. It is worth watching just for that reason alone. It is a major US city and it is going to let itself drown.”

This is not a long-term, far-away thing, peeps. I am pushing 60, and I am already seeing impacts, and will see lots more before I die. Any of you who are younger are going to totally get your shit fucked up by global climate change, whether people believe in it or not.

Here is what the EPA says about it: click here to read. Oh, and they are being very optimistic: it is likely to suck a lot more than the EPA thinks.

And then there is the danger to our food supply: that could get seriously ugly:

study led by the University of Leeds has shown that global warming of only 2°C will be detrimental to crops in temperate and tropical regions, with reduced yields from the 2030s onwards.

Professor Andy Challinor, from the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds and lead author of the study, said: “Our research shows that crop yields will be negatively affected by climate change much earlier than expected.”
“Furthermore, the impact of climate change on crops will vary both from year-to-year and from place-to-place — with the variability becoming greater as the weather becomes increasingly erratic.”

In summary: we are already losing parts of major cities, and the problem is getting worse. We are about to lose part of our food supply, and that will be catastrophic. All the while the Teapublican Pundits, Politicos and Plutocrats are blocking action to solve the problem, because of the cost.

I don’t know about you, but food and jobs are a lot more important to me than, say, Marco Rubio’s Swiss bank account balance. If you feel the same way, give a holler and let’s make these obstructionist fuckwits pull their heads out and do something for a change.



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