Like it or not, Putin is Responsible for the MH17 Crash

Oh, pity the poor Putinistas (like, say, Sarah Palin). They marvel over the shirtless bear-wrestling macho exploits of Russia’s “elected” leader and praise him for good things he has not done, and ignore the bad things he has done. And the ex-KGB butcher has committed some truly heinous acts.

So now, some inhuman motherfuckers have shot down a civilian airliner over Ukraine. Pro-Russian insurgents initially took credit for this barbarous act, until they realized that murdering hundreds of innocents (including women and children) made them look bad in the press. Now they claim otherwise.

OK, so maybe Putin’s pet terrorists aren’t responsible for this one particular war crime. But it’s important to remember that Putin is the reason for the Ukraine crisis. Were it not for the greed and imperialist actions of Putin and his stooges, there would have been no war in Eastern Ukraine, and thus no missiles lying about to be shot at Malaysia Air flight MH17.

At what point will the Wingnuts of the world wise up? Pooty-Poot is a demon in wolf’s clothing. He needs to be in a cell at The Hague, awaiting a long-overdue trial for his many crimes against humanity.

If you don’t agree, well, just read about and look at the horrific scene of destruction and mass murder in Ukraine.
Ask yourself if you are OK with such crimes, just because the perpetrator happens to be the darling du jour of various extremist pundits and politicians.





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