So Many Deserve Blame. (On the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians)

It is a sight that is truly sickening to behold, this most recent eruption of violence between the inhabitants of Palestine. Rockets, bombs, tunnels, ground invasions, and the innocent (as always) are suffering the most, even though they (also as always) are the least culpable. One thing we must all keep in mind: it is neither the average Palestinian nor the ordinary Israeli that is to blame:

First, we should excoriate the Brits and the French for creating a set of arbitrary and idiotic borders after World War One. Just about any reputable historian will tell you that those borders have been responsible for a lot of wars in the near-century since.

Then we should turn a jaundiced eye upon the re-creation of Israel after World War Two. A virtuous notion it was, but done in a manner devoid of forethought and with a lack of concern for consequences. Once again, non- inhabitants of the region tried to do a good thing for the region and fucked up. Oh, and they now blame the locals for something not of the locals’ doing.

Next, let’s look at the extremist nutjobs who are currently running things in Tel Aviv/Jerusalem and Gaza. One the one side we have a loon called “Bibi” who thinks that Arabs are subhuman animals and treats them in a manner that would make a Spanish Inquisition torturer blanch. On the other we have Hamas, who want to wipe Israel off the map. Small wonder that the two sides can’t agree on anything.

Indeed, we have many deserving targets of finger pointing, and in some cases prosecution. Mass murder, theft, child abuse, torture, and other crimes are a common event in the region. The only people we cannot in good conscience cast aspersions upon are the ordinary people of both areas.

And sadly, infuriatingly, painfully, those ordinary men, women and children are the ones who pay the price for the manifold sins of world and regional “leaders”. Let’s all remember that when we discuss the conflict.



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