ObamaCare is working. Suck it, haters.

And by haters, I mean Loonie Lefties and Raging Righties; those extremists who are so far our on the wings of partisan politics, they are in danger of falling off. These haters of the ACA have stubbornly insisted that Obamneycare would crash and burn, even though that was and remains a crock of exceptionally fetid dog dung. This article provides more proof that said haters are a bunch of fact-challenged fuckwits:

Even as Obamacare continues to be attacked by foes and challenged in court, hospital chains and insurers are making more money, more patients using ERs are paying for their care, and the country as a whole is enjoying slower growth in its health-care spending.

HCA Holdings Inc. (HCA), the largest for-profit hospital chain, yesterday raised its forecast and reported a 6.6 percent drop in uninsured patients at its 165 hospitals, a reduction that grows to 48 percent in four states that expanded Medicaid, a top initiative of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. WellPoint Inc. (WLP), which made the biggest commitment of any publicly traded insurer to the Obamacare markets, raised its guidance today after handily beating analyst estimates for the quarter on rising membership linked to the overhaul.

Taxpayers too may be benefiting from the law approved in 2010. Medicare spending rose by just $1 per beneficiary in 2013, the fourth year in a row that saw a slowdown, the government reported yesterday.

Lots more detail at the link, of course. The only places that have not seen huge benefits from ObamaCare are the Red States that have refused to embrace it.

Once again: The only places that have not seen huge benefits from ObamaCare are the Red States that have refused to embrace it.
That proves the ACA works if you work with it.

And that means that anyone and everyone who still opposes health care reform is a hate-blinded jackass. Screw those eedjits. The rest of us will reap the benefits of the law while the haters suffer in their bile-filled alternate universe.


Yes, NeoConservative Idiots, ObamaCare IS Working.

Waaah, poor widdle NeoCons. Just like the Heritage Foundation said it would. You remember them, you loves you some Heritage Foundation. That is, until a mixed-race Chicago lawyer President uses one of their ideas. Then you hate it.

The Gallup poll peeps (who also hate Obama) just came out with a survey showing that the Affordable Care Act is, well, making health care affordable:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The uninsured rate in the U.S. fell 2.2 percentage points to 13.4% in the second quarter of 2014. This is the lowest quarterly average recorded since Gallup and Healthways began tracking the percentage of uninsured Americans in 2008. The previous low point was 14.4% in the third quarter of 2008.

The uninsured rate has decreased sharply since the Affordable Care Act’s requirement for most Americans to have health insurance went into effect at the beginning of 2014. In fact, the uninsured rate has dropped by 3.7 points since the fourth quarter of 2013, when it averaged 17.1%.

Gosharootie and sakes alive, ObamaCare is doing what it was supposed to do: giving more people health insurance that they can afford. It’s also making pantloads of money for the health care industry, creating jobs and all that good shit.

So what are Republicans doing, now that your very own market-based health plan is working like a dream? Why, Speaker Boehner is gonna sue the crap out of the Prexy for successfully implementing a conservative program. You DO know that’s fucking crazy, right?

Guys, it was way back in November 2008 that Obama whooped McCain’s ass. Time to accept it, he won and you lost. ObamaCare isn’t perfect, but it is working.


Three Hobby Lobby ObamaCare Facts that will Blow your Mind:

1: Most US employers have been required to provide contraception coverage since the year 2000. The Bush administration enforced the law, which had no religious exemptions (note:the ACA does have religious exemptions, so ObamaCare is actually better for bosses). Did Hobby Lobby sue the Bushies? No, Hobby Lobby did not sue the Bushies.

2: Hobby Lobby invests a lot of money in abortion drug makers, IUD makers, and other such. They have no religious concerns about taking money earned from abortion drugs and other birth control money-makers; they just don’t want to pay out for them.

3: Hobby Lobby has plenty of money to pay for insurance coverage for its employees: why, they are doing so well, they could afford to raise starting wages to fourteen dollars an hour. They did that a year ago.

So, government policy had nothing to do with Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit. And religion had nothing to do with their lawsuit. Money had nothing to do with their lawsuit. Employee retention had nothing to do with their lawsuit. Facts are facts, people, and you cannot argue with them.

So, why DID they sue President Obama? Why did a Fundagelical-run company sue over the ACA? One can only speculate. My theory is that it’s all a big political stunt.

After all, Hobby Lobby covered birth control when the Republicans were in charge. They only squealed when a Democrat got elected President.

Lying, hypocritical, greedy, partisan bastards.


A Conservative leader admits it: their goal is to destroy our national government.

David Brooks, writing from within his pampered, insular, ignorant little bubble-world, has always been an elitist windbag. And in his recent column, that wind has, amid the stench that always accompanies the breaking of wind, revealed the true agenda of American “conservativism”: the destruction of American democracy and its replacement by a government of the elitist, by the elitist, and for the elitist. Click here and read for yourself.

As is often the case, the stated reasons for the sedition du jour are seemingly benign: to innovate, and create a more nimble and responsive government. But the method reveals the problem: conservatives want to seize power and cram their “solutions” down our collective throats:

The process of change would be unapologetically elitist. Gather small groups of the great and the good together to hammer out bipartisan reforms — on immigration, entitlement reform, a social mobility agenda, etc. — and then rally establishment opinion to browbeat the plans through.

They propose an an autocratic government at the national level, and leaving us to fend for ourselves at the local level:

If the Guardian State’s big advantage is speed at the top, democracy’s is speed at the bottom. So, obviously, the elite commissions should push proposals that magnify that advantage: which push control over poverty programs to local charities; which push educational diversity through charter schools; which introduce more market mechanisms into public provision of, say, health care, to spread power to consumers.

In other words, they take our tax money, line their pockets with it, give us nothing in return, and take away our Constitutional rights into the bargain. AMFYOYO (Adios Motherfuckers, You’re On Your Own) is at the heart of this treasonous plot, which speaks glowingly of places like China: authoritarian regimes that abuse their subjects.  When someone wishes to emulate a country that rips living babies from their unconsenting mothers’  wombs and drives tanks over the bodies of peaceful protestors, that someone is NOT fit to govern so much as a single Porta-Potty, much less our nation.

At least David Brooks was honest (or stupid) enough to let the Right’s true intentions be known. Now that we know what the GOP plans to do, it is time for Americans to reject this dictatorial and unconstitutional future: by sending these traitorous, profiteering scum packing, and electing some pro-constitution representatives to replace them.