So, Suddenly, Kasich is a Good Guy? Hell, No.

Just because Ed Fitzgerald may (or may not) have had a loose zipper once; just because he was a forgetful putz who forget to renew his license; somehow that means we should re-elect John Kasich? Dafuq? No, seriously people, DaFUQ?

Kasich’s Korrupt Kronies (KKK for short) have: looted the treasury via the JobsOhio scam; inserted their pimply noses into the collective vaginas of Ohio’s women; cut taxes for the rich and jacked up taxes on the rest of us; curtailed our voting rights; restricted union rights; forewent federal funds that could have created jobs; worsened the lot of the poor and infirm; and generally acted like wild boars at the trough, trampling the lot of us beneath their shit-encrusted hooves.

I’d rather a guy who means well and whose peccadilloes don’t cost me any money or hurt anyone else be my governor, thank you VERY much.

Christ on a fruitcake, people, c’mon.


Ohio’s 100% Republican Government Supports your Right to Swim in Sewage.

Yes, our Wall Street millionaire Guv and his Libertarian partners in crime are perfectly OK with endangering public health and calling it “choice”. You see, lakes across the state are heavily contaminated by feces, some of them more full of feces than at any time in history. And the state employees who are supposed to be responsible for our safety are saying & doing stupid, well, shit:

Other states, including Illinois, Vermont and Missouri, typically close beaches when E. coli levels pass 235 colonies per 100 milliliters of water. Yesterday, 13 beaches in Illinois were closed for levels that ranged from 300 colonies to more than 2,000.

(In Ohio,) Levels at Crystal and Brooks beaches exceeded 10,000 colonies this month.

Mary Clifton, recreation programs administrator for the Ohio Department of Health, said the state doesn’t want to shut down beaches.
“Ohio typically would prefer that consumers and constituents be able to make an informed decision, instead of dictating the use of the recreational waters of the state,” Clifton said.

You might ask “why would someone working for a ‘department of Health’ knowingly expose people to record-breaking health hazards?” Good question. The answer, as it always is with the GOP, revolves around handing rich people money and shafting the rest of us.

You see, it costs more to close a beach than it does to put up a sign. Likewise, it costs money to maintain sewage systems, control wildlife, and regulate things like agricultural and industrial pollution. And when your elected government is focused on stealing money from the taxpayers so as to pad its cronies’ offshore bank accounts, why, there isn’t much money left to do, you know, the actual job of the government.

Ohioans, by their votes, decided to swim in shit. Said swimming in fecal matter being both real and metaphorical. And at this point, it links like the lazy, stupid liberals and centrists of the Buckeye State will once again not bother to go to the polls in 2014, allowing Republicans to continue their crime spree. And by so doing, allowing our children to continue swimming in shit.

Fucking idiot voters.


John Kasich uses the Holocaust to distract us from his despicable actions.

At the same time as he dedicated the Holocaust Memorial, John Kasich was:
* Preparing to sign a law that rewarded the bribing bastards of Big Coal and Big Energy and punished everyone else in the state;
* Pushing more legislation that would allow Ohio to help flood coastal states by ignoring federal clean air standards;
* This on top of the thefts he has been orchestrating via his cronies at JobsOhio, union-busting, invading women’s vaginas, and other crimes.

To use the deaths of six million innocent Jews, Romas, gays and Reds as a distracting tactic is beyond revolting. But when we are stupid enough to elect a Wall Street millionaire who made his fortune via the misfortune of others, I guess this is just something we should expect.


Everything that is wrong with America: Ohio state Senator Bill Sites.

Ohio’s Renewable Energy credits have created thousands upon thousands of jobs. By investing a tiny amount, we have gotten hundreds of millions of millions of dollars in out-of-state capital invested here. Plus, the air and water are a bit cleaner. So, you might say, this truly bipartisan bill is a good example of how government can enable profit for businesses and people.

You would say that, if you weren’t republican state senator Bill Sites, bought-and-paid-for whore of the fossil-fuel industry. For a pittance in bribes contributions, Mr. Sites is currently wrecking the legislation that has done so much good for the state. Thus he is an exemplar of all that is wrong with contemporary politics: he is lining his pockets while emptying ours.

Think about it: is this not the problem? Those who claim to represent us are actually robbing us blind, invading our privacy, and taking away our rights. Their names are legion, but their actions are the same.

When next you vote, be sure to un-elect any “public servant” who is acting like Bill Sites. Vote for their opponent, who might cheat us, instead of for the lying bastards who are stealing from us already.


Ohio’s Republican Administration: Hypocritical Whores, Screwing Us All.

And not in a good way. We all get screwed, but only the rich bastards who bribe Kasich and Co. get a happy ending.

You see, Ohio’s 100% Republican-controlled government (Dems have no power at all) has finally cast off the last shred of negligee-like concealment and shown its true colors. We already know they’re not into “freedom”, “opportunity”, “equity”, or any of the other popular GOP buzzwords, by their actions since they seized power a while back. Now we see that they aren’t even business-friendly. Proof:

Not too long ago, a less-partisan Ohio Government offered some tax and regulatory incentives to bring more business to the state, and they worked: thousands of jobs were created in the renewable industry sector, at nearly zero cost to the taxpayers. Classic GOP practice: give business types goodies and reap the rewards. It has worked flawlessly, tons of jobs in wind, solar and geothermal energy are now here in the Buckeye State.

And they are about to be lost because the current regime does not give a shit about anything but padding its offshore bank accounts with bribes from Big Oil: new legislation will allow the state to void any renewable-energy contract it wants to, regardless of what the parties signed in said contracts. That, friends, is burdensome government overreach at its worst, and it is NOT from the Democrats: it is completely Republican in nature.

Kasich and his Kronies are taking big bucks in bribes campaign contributions from Big Oil and like any bought-and-paid-for whores, are servicing their buyers. By destroying thousands of jobs and shafting investors, they are annihilating the Ohio economy for millions of us, rich and poor and in-between. All while they pocket the cash they have earned, turning tricks for the Johns of the fossil fuel industry.

But hey, the idiots of this state elected one of Wall Street scumbuckets who crashed the economy in 2008 as their Governor, so it’s really no surprise that he and his are doing the same to us today, is it? Whores will be whores, after all.

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