So, Suddenly, Kasich is a Good Guy? Hell, No.

Just because Ed Fitzgerald may (or may not) have had a loose zipper once; just because he was a forgetful putz who forget to renew his license; somehow that means we should re-elect John Kasich? Dafuq? No, seriously people, DaFUQ?

Kasich’s Korrupt Kronies (KKK for short) have: looted the treasury via the JobsOhio scam; inserted their pimply noses into the collective vaginas of Ohio’s women; cut taxes for the rich and jacked up taxes on the rest of us; curtailed our voting rights; restricted union rights; forewent federal funds that could have created jobs; worsened the lot of the poor and infirm; and generally acted like wild boars at the trough, trampling the lot of us beneath their shit-encrusted hooves.

I’d rather a guy who means well and whose peccadilloes don’t cost me any money or hurt anyone else be my governor, thank you VERY much.

Christ on a fruitcake, people, c’mon.


Bastille Day, and how it could happen again:

On this day in 1789, the 99% of  18th-century France started a bloody revolution against the 1% of their day. That revolution happened because the ruling elite were a load of blind, deaf, ideological, excessively conservative idiots. Said idiots acting a lot like the Teabaggers and Randians of our time, now that you mention it. A lot of history is being repeated. For example:

  • Wealth and income inequality were at then-historic highs,
  • Infrastructure was degraded and inadequate, due to lack of funding,
  • Poverty, infant mortality, and chronic hunger were the “new normal”,
  • The government was too preoccupied with internicene pissing matches to do its job,
  • The government pretty much flipped off the 99% on frequent occasions, and
  • Wars of choice were bleeding the country of lives and wealth.

Fast-forward to the present day, and you can see the very same things happening here. The ‘baggers and greedheads of the Right Wing keep saying AMFYOYO to the populace, and the American people have had just about enough of it.  You’d think that the rich and powerful would have gained a few smarts in two-and-a-quarter centuries, but you’d be wrong. They are just as pig-ignorant, stubborn, willfully stupid and inhumane now as they were then.

If we don’t make some basic changes back to a less partisan, more equitable era, we’ll see history repeat itself. And with a more heavily-armed and radicalized bunch of revolutionaries than the Bourbons had to deal with, we can assume even more people will die, and far more of our nation will be destroyed than ever happened during the Terreur.

Note to the 1% of the 21st century:  get a clue, and that soon. Learn from the mistakes of your predecessors, for all of our sakes. The lives you save will not just be your own; they’ll be ours as well.