Rape Culture exists because Law Enforcement Agencies encourage it.

I’ve ranted oftentimes over the years about how sexist prosecutors and lazy/preeve cops fail to protect citizens from sexual predators; and have been duly informed that I was blowing things out of proportion, yadayada. In response to the stupid-fucks who say such idiotic, rape-enabling shit, I hereby submit yet another example: the sleepy little town of Put-In-Bay, Ohio.

There is so much rape happening there, it’s been re-named “Roofie Island” From the article (which you really ought to read):

Since May, there are have been at least a dozen documented incidents of people suspected of being dosed with date-rape drugs at Put-In-Bay bars, with no arrests. In that time, there have been at least three reported rapes of drugged or heavily intoxicated women and only once — when police came upon a 27-year-old Mentor man in the act, with several eye witnesses who spotted him tackling her to the ground — has somebody been arrested so far.
On Saturdays this summer, EMS has had to regularly transport girls from the popular pool bar Mist to the hospital after someone slipped date-rape drugs into their drinks.

In early May, a trauma nurse at a southeast Michigan hospital called Put-In-Bay police to report a woman was raped on the island that weekend. According to the police report (where the victim’s and suspect’s names have been redacted), the nurse relayed the story: a Mr. Ed’s manager asked a female bartender to have drinks with him after work on a Saturday. Once out with him, she lost consciousness, only to come-to at 2:30 a.m. with her boss on top of her, yelling at her to “take her fucking clothes off.” She told him no, the report says, and that she was on her period. But he pulled down her pants, pulled out her tampon, and had his way with her. The police report says the woman declined to pursue charges because she didn’t want to lose her job, but that turned out to not be true.

Just before 4 p.m. on July 7, they were dispatched for a drugged female at the pool, only to have one of her friends pass out at the same time EMS was treating her, stoking EMS’s fears that more women have been and will be drugged: “The EMS worker informed me that it was most likely ruphy (sic) and stated there will probably be a lot more individuals getting ruphied (sic).” The police report notes “nothing further” in terms of an investigation.

The local police chief is not only doing nothing about these crimes; he is under investigation himself for excessive force and other offenses. Sound like Steubenville on an island? Yup. It shows, yet again, that America has a big problem with rape culture that the country refuses to address.

I have been criticized for advocating castration of convicted rapists. If that seems cruel to you, ask yourself if the current state of affairs is any kinder. It is not. By ignoring crimes of sexual violence, our government is giving tacit approval to such behavior, and until severe and visible punishment starts harshly and consistently raining down
upon the perpetrators, rape will continue to terrorize our culture.

Mercy to the guilty is truly, as Adam Smith said, cruelty to the innocent. Time to unleash some cruelty on the rapists and their enablers, and to save the mercy for their victims.


George Will thinks it is a “privilege” to be raped. Dafuq?

No, really, Dafuq? He says so in this column:

rape makes “victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges”

Got that? Being victimized is to be “coveted”, because it gets you special “privileges”. Wow. Guess I had it all wrong.

Who knew that when those adult males brutally molested me as a child, making me bleed and causing health issues that still persist after half a fucking century, that it was a coveted privilege? And here I thought they were disgusting violent criminal perverts. Wow.

And who knew that when a school counselor suspected what was going on, asked about it, and the bastards then raped my mouth so savagely that I required surgery (cause written down as “running with a Popsicle stick in my mouth”), that I was lucky, nay, blessed with such an exalted status? I thought they were torturing me to shut me up. Silly me.

Why, they were benefactors if you ask Mr.Will. Yes, benign and benevolent men they were, raping little kids so as to help us along in life by giving us access to the privileges that come with being the survivors if violent assault.

Yes, on campus or off, male or female, in Will’s mind we are all of us hot after getting the shit raped out of us, so we can get them thar privilege things. Yupyupyup.

Why, it makes one wonder, why George Fucktard Will doesn’t hurry on out to get himself raped? Sheesh, he’s missing out.


Here is why so many women are pissed off at the “justice” system.

Sicko David Wise drugged and raped his wife multiple times, taking videos of his crimes, to boot. He says it was her fault, because she was “snippy”. She figured out what he did, and reported him to the cops, along with the videos proving his guilt.

The Scumball was tried, confessed, and found guilty. So far, so good. Then the rapist-friendly judge decided to have pity on the itty bitty wittle wapist and put him on the street so he can rape away to his heart’s content. Probation, no jail time.

The jury who heard the case against Wise apparently agreed, finding him guilty of six felony counts, including rape and criminal deviate conduct. Each of those might normally come with six to twenty year sentences, Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Courtney Curtis told the Los Angeles Times.

The judge in question, Kurt Eisgruber, apparently didn’t think it was all that serious of an offense, applying a 12 year suspended sentence, and eight years of home detention pls two years probation. As if that weren’t insult enough, Eisgruber told Boardman, who, again, was repeatedly rapd and drugged by her own husband, that she needed to forgive him. He explained to the Times:
“I hope that you can forgive him one day, because he’s obviously struggled with this and struggled to this day, and I hope that she could forgive him.
“Ultimately, I think that helps a lot of people heal — it helps them to reach that point,” Eisgruber added. “Some can, some cannot. I’m not in her shoes, I’m not able to say one way or another … It’s not something that’s limited to her or this case. But when people are really struggling, I just offer that out. … I just hope that they find peace.”

Peace? With her rapist running loose? Yeaaaaaaaghhhh, right. Too many judges do this crap, and it is part of why America has such a huge problem with sex crimes: the perps go unpunished. Which tells preeves that society supports their conduct.

Which is why American women are so justifiably pissed off at our “justice” system.