So, Suddenly, Kasich is a Good Guy? Hell, No.

Just because Ed Fitzgerald may (or may not) have had a loose zipper once; just because he was a forgetful putz who forget to renew his license; somehow that means we should re-elect John Kasich? Dafuq? No, seriously people, DaFUQ?

Kasich’s Korrupt Kronies (KKK for short) have: looted the treasury via the JobsOhio scam; inserted their pimply noses into the collective vaginas of Ohio’s women; cut taxes for the rich and jacked up taxes on the rest of us; curtailed our voting rights; restricted union rights; forewent federal funds that could have created jobs; worsened the lot of the poor and infirm; and generally acted like wild boars at the trough, trampling the lot of us beneath their shit-encrusted hooves.

I’d rather a guy who means well and whose peccadilloes don’t cost me any money or hurt anyone else be my governor, thank you VERY much.

Christ on a fruitcake, people, c’mon.


All Respect to Godwin, but Putin and his Repub Fan Club DO Support Nazi-style Atrocities.

Sometimes, you just have to call a Nazi a Nazi. Here is what Putin and his goons have done recently – see if they sound at all like what Hitler did back in the day:

Invaded a sovereign nation on a flimsy pretext? Check.

Death trains? Check.

Looting the bodies of the dead? Check.

Vladdy-Boy Putin, for all his KGB Communist past, is acting just like the German Nazis who viciously attacked the Russian and European people back in the previous century. And his supporters (like Sarah Palin and other Republicans) give him aid and comfort as he commits these crimes against humanity.

Anyone who supports someone who supports Putin is in some way supporting these war crimes. And as kindly as I can put it, Godwin’s Law does not apply: such supporters are likewise Nazis. Fuck Putin, fuck his paid troops in Ukraine, fuck his supporters, and fuck all those scumbags. May they all get what the previous batch of Nazis got.